About Us

We are travel and outdoor enthusiasts with a thirst for life and always on the look out for the next adventure. We believe you should be too!

We are here to:

  • Inspire you to travel.

    Travelling will change your life. Every journey is a chance for you to, not only learn and experience a place, but also for you to discover yourself. There is always something new to try. We believe travelling brings out the best in people!

  • Serve you with passion.

    We are two friends who enjoy preparing for our travel as much as the travel itself. We are here as your friend to help you plan your trip and make sure you get the best travel experience.

  • Challenge you.

    We believe in living life to the fullest and pushing yourself to your limit. Whether you visit a place for the first time or try out something new to eat, we believe you need to challenge yourself constantly.

We are Off the Grid Adventures. We urge you to “explore without limits.”